Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Denise Dodd, from St Peter and St Paul's Church, Hucknall, was ordained deacon in Southwell Minister a few weeks ago. I was parish priest in Hucknall - we lived there from 1975-1986 - and knew all the Dodd family. It is such a great blessing to now see her committed to the Lord's work in ordained ministry in England.

When she first began her training at St John's College, Cranmer Hall, she wrote these words to me:

"I know within that each day God is blessing me. I so passionately want to do the ministry to which God has called me.... Everyday is a blessing and honour, knowing that God has really called "little shy Dee" to be a servant for his precious people! There is one thing that I must say to you, which I have wanted to do since I came back to faith in my late teens and that is, "Thank you for being an ambassador for God, so that I could receive from an early age the greatest gift of all, a loving relationship with God, not just for me but also for Mum, Suzanne & Colin".

Thank you Denise, and may God bless you in your new ministry.

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