Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Clergy and Wives Prayer Breakfast

A group of clergy and wives met for a prayer breakfast with Judith at the Bishop's house last Saturday morning, 30th September.
This lovely photo shows on the back row: Maria Isabel Marentes, Judith Godfrey, Susan Park, Claudia Varillas, Norma Montoya, Pat Blanchard, Blanca Siancas and Elva Limo. The front row includes, Juan Bernardo Marentes, Aurleio Rodriguez, Julio Montoya, Misael Varillas, and Jaime Siancas behind Juan Carlos Marces.
The photograph was taken in the Bishop's Chapel.
(Pat Blanchard is to be ordained deacon on the Feast of Christ the King, 26th November in the Cathedral. At the moment she is Lay Minister in Charge of Jesus the Nazarene Church, Lima, and will continue there after her ordination.)

Monday, October 02, 2006

Springtime Comes to Lima

Some of the 280 children of the Centro Estudiantil of Christ the Redeemer Church, Lima, took part in a celebration on the first day of spring. The event was very popular with parents and a group of the children presented dances and a fancy dress parade.

Bishop's Visit to St Petroc's Bodmin

Following his retreat in London the Bishop paid a whistle-stop visit to Bodmin and St Petroc's Parish Church. He was greeted by Fr Graham, the Rector, and of course Fr Matt. In the photo they are shown with their Peruvian stoles - Fr Matt's stole was made by the Arpillera's Group of the Diocese in Lima.

Retreat at Nashotah House Seminary

The Bishop is leading a retreat for 65 seminarians and members of staff of the Nashotah House Seminary in Wisconsin, USA. The retreat begins on Monday evening (2nd October) and finishes on Thursday.
The seminary, which began in the mid 19th century, was one of the most significant mission agencies of its time, planting churches in many parts of the mid-west. Now, once more, it is putting strong emphasis on mission.
The photo shows the two oldest buildings of the seminary: the blue one was the accomodation and classroom block and a year later the chapel (pink building) was added.
It is hoped that the seminary will establish links with the two seminaries in the Diocese of Peru

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