Monday, July 20, 2009


Stefany and Steven Acosta were baptised in the Cathedral on Sunday (19th July). In the photo they are with their parents, Jerry and Edith, in the baptistry after the service.

Jerry is a former evangelical pastor and is in preparation to become a priest. Edith is a seminarian and hopes to become a deacon. They run the mission Jesus Source of Life in north Lima.

Edith is the sister of Padre Misael Varillas, the parish priest of Cristo Redentor and San Pedro in south Lima. Their father was a Pentecostal evangelist who rode on horse back evangelising the villages in the region of Huaraz in northern Peru. All of his family are involved in one way or another in the Lord's work. It was a joy to baptise Stefany and Steven, the next generation of the Varillas family.

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