Monday, June 22, 2009


Anderson Sanchez, Ruben Mancilla and Pastor Zevallos were recently ordained to Holy Orders in the Cathedral. In a joyful ceremony the new ministers - two priests and one deacon - were greeted with applause following the ordination prayer.
For the consecration of the priests, the Bishop was joined by his clergy for the laying on of hands. He also anointed their hands and forehead with the Holy Oil of Chrism, a sign of their being consecrated - set apart - for God's work.

All three were given Bibles, as a sign of their authority to preach the Word of God. (In the photo the newly ordained ministers are kneeling: Padre Anderson is at the far end, Deacon Pastor in the centre receiving his Bible, and Padre Ruben nearest the camera.)

All the ordinands were accompanied by family and friends and the Diocese gave thanks and praise to God for the gift of more workers for His mission field. At the end of the liturgy the new priests gave the blessing, and the new deacon dismissed the people, telling them to go in peace and joy to serve the Lord.

Both new priests presided at the Holy Eucharist for the first time in the days following their ordination.

PASTORAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Padre Anderson will continue to minister in the Cathedral as an assistant priest; Padre Ruben has been posted to Juliaca on the Alteplano (Peru's highland region), near lake Titicaca, as priest in charge of the Mission of St Mary Magdalene; and Deacon Pastor continues as the Deacon of the NGO "Comunion-Peru", responsible for the encouragement and development of social action in the Diocese.

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