Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The Diocesan Web Site has a new look!

After several years with the yellow background we are moving to a cleaner, simpler look. Not all the pages are ready yet and to begin with some of the content will be the same as before, but now we shall be able to manage it ourselves and have much greater accessibility.

The key to news will be the blogspots and we hope our readers will find them useful to keep up with what's happening.

Some of the photos on the new site are stunning and we are grateful to those who make them available to us. I love the one we have on our home page, which is taken of the church notice board outside St Andrew's Mission in north Lima.

At the same time we are working on a parallel site in Spanish, which will have some things in common, but others which are more suited to the Spanish-speaking world. For example, where many of our English-speaking readers already know what the Anglican Church is, many of our Spanish-speaking readers are looking for more basic information about us, who we are and what we believe, and how we compare with churches they know.

As the old site is still up, the address of the new one has changed and is:

With God's blessing for all our readers, Bishop William Godfrey

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