Saturday, May 16, 2009


It was a very great privilege to take part in the recent meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council in Kingston, Jamaica, 2nd - 12th May, 2009, and to share with delegates from Provinces around the world.
Not every thing went the way I had hoped, especially the delay in sending the proposed Anglican Covenant to the Provinces for their decision. But there are very many good things happening in the Communion, and many good men and women working on them, for which I rejoice, and I have come back even more enthused about our Anglican Church and wanting more than ever to serve faithfully our Lord and Saviour.
About the vote on the proposed Covenant, in which I played a part and did my best to find a way through, if all the conservative provinces and bishops who could have attended had been there and cast their votes, the matter would have been decided in favour - the decision was lost by only two votes. When there is a battle to be fought, all must take their part. Despite the decision to delay, I have come away from the meeting believing firmly that the Gospel will prevail and the Covenant will go through, with its important Section 4. The Church is the Bride of Christ and we need have no fear for our future.
[Photo: I presided on Sunday 10th May at the Eucharist in the Cathedral of St Yago (James), Spanish Town, and am in the photo with the Bishop of Kingston, the Priest in charge of the Cathedral, who was chaplain to the meeting of the ACC, and the Bishop of Spain. The Cathedral is the oldest in the Anglican Communion outside England, the building dating back to 1611.]

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