Friday, April 10, 2009

Deacon Ruben to Juliaca

Deacon Ruben Mancilla has moved this week to Juliaca to take up pastoral responsibility in the St Mary Magdalene's Mission. At over 13,000 feet, Juliaca is a thriving market town high on the Alteplano near Puno and Lake Titicaca. It is a far cry from Villa El Salvador in the South of Lima, one of the capital's largest municipal areas in the desert sands of Peru's coast, where Ruben comes from.
He's excited by the challenge and looking forward to being the resident minister the congregation of St Mary Magdalene has been waiting for several years.
He will be joined in July by Luis Vizcarra, one of the seminarians from Arequipa who has travelled the four or five hours to Juliaca most weekends to care for the congregation. He is due to finish his theological studies and ministerial training in July and will go straight to Juliaca to work alongside Deacon Ruben.
Let us pray for these two young men as they give their lives in the service of the Gospel and of our Lord Jesus Christ and his people.

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