Saturday, May 10, 2008

St Philip's Mission, Cabanaconde

This is the first stage of the mission building in Cabanaconde, on the edge of the Colca Canyon. Diocesan mission teams have been visiting the villages on the far side of the canyon since 1998 when they responded to a tragedy which destroyed a large part of Choco, one of the villages.
Other mission teams have visited the villages over the past ten years, among them groups from St Philip's Church, Frisco (USA) which has taken a lead in constructing the building and providing funding. Teams of medics have also visited the area from the MMI medical mission.
Now we have a base to work from and all being well the second phase of the building, which will include a chapel, will begin soon.
Padre Alejandro is the priest responsible for the development of the mission and he is already a well known person in the town of Cabanaconde and on the mountain tracks. Fluent in Quechua, he is able to communicate naturally with the people of the Canyon and speak with them about the Gospel of Christ.
The canyon drops down three quarters of a mile, and can be seen across the fields beyond the building in the photo.

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