Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Volunteers Minister to Victims of the Earthquake

The medical team of 25 volunteers led by Erica Montoya continues to visit the injured in the hospitals of Lima and to give support to their families. Many, many people face the prospect of returning to derelict homes in which they have lost everything.

Treating people with broken hearts and the fear of not knowing what the future holds is as much part of this ministry as tending to their physical needs. The Diocese has responded generously in providing clothing and food for family members. The photos show the distribution of clothing and relatives being fed as well as people in their hospital beds.

The medical team has been praised by hospital authorities for the conscientious loving care and practical help it is offering. Please continue to pray for this important ministry and, above all, for the people who now have to return to ruined, derelict homes (some of which sadly have been looted) and who have nothing left to start rebuilding their lives with.

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