Saturday, August 11, 2007

Teachers' Dancing Display

Peruvian dancing is a vital part of school life as pupils are taught to value traditional customs, and the teachers of St Matthew's School (Lima) are becoming an accomplished dancing troupe.
On August 8 they gave a presentation to the pupils of the school and distinguished visitors from Florida (USA). Their dance on this occasion was from the Colca Canyon area of Arequipa and they were dressed in beautifully embroidered dresses from the area.
Women in the remote villages of the Canyon still wear traditional costumes like these to work in the fields. Many of the younger women now wear slacks for work but still retain the embroidered hat. Nevertheless at feasts and celebrations almost all the women are dressed in this way.
In times past the number of skirts a woman wore was a sign of her status and wealth.
The Diocese is looking at the possibility of beginning a project to help local workers to sell handbags (purses) and other articles decorated with this beautiful work in the USA and UK.

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