Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pastor Israel Batista of CLAI visits Diocese

The Rev. Israel Batista, General Secretary of the Latin American Council of Churches (CLAI), visited the Diocese on July 21st.
He began his visit meeting with with representatives of St Peter's Mission where breakfast was being prepared for the children. In the second photograph he can be seen talking with Claudia Varillas.
From there he went on to Holy Family Mission in Villa Maria (third photo) and talked with members of the women's workshop where he tasted their cooking and was presented with an alpaca scarf.
He concluded his visit speaking to clergy, seminarians, mission workers and representatives of AMA, the Diocesan Youth Ministry and Administration (first photo - Israel Batista is on the front row, second from left; Dr Elizabeth is in the middle on the front row). All concluded that it had been an excellent meeting and Pastor Batista gave an inspiring message of encouragement to the Anglican Church, reminding us all of the unique role we have to play in Latin America, a role, he said, "that no other church could play, holding together both the catholic and evangelical nature of the Church."
The General Secretary was accompanied in his visit by the new Secretary of the Andean Region, Dr Elizabeth, a member of the Evangelical Pentecostal Church of Chile and Doctor of Theology, who has been invited to speak at the Diocesan Seminary on her next visit to Peru.
Earlier in the week Pastor Batista had met with other member churches of CLAI, as well with representatives the Congress of the Republic, and the Peruvian Bible Society.

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