Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Max Diaz and Bishop in Oxford

The Bishop met seminarian Max Diaz in Oxford this week.
Max was a member of the Diocesan Seminary in Arequipa during its first year before moving to Oxford four and a half years ago. It was a joyous occasions, their first meeting since he moved from Peru, so there was lots of news to catch up on. Max is studying theology at St Stephen’s House sponsored by the Diocese of Oxford.
It is a marvellous opportunity for him and he told the Bishop that besides his love of the first chapters of Genesis, he is especially interested in the early Church fathers and the formation of the New Testament Canon.
Since leaving Peru, Max has married Miriam, who is a doctor in Oxford.
[The Bishop is in Oxford for the conference “Following Jesus as Lord and Saviour” at Wycliffe Hall from 2nd- 6th July.]

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