Thursday, July 26, 2007

Holy Family Prepares for Mission Team

Preparations are advancing for the arrival of the Christ Church, Richmond mission team which comes into Lima in mid-August. They will be laying the foundations of a new church and mission center - Holy Family - which is being built on the side of a rocky hillside.
A ledge is literally being carved out of the rock by local workmen and women by hand in readiness for the team.
In the first photo Padre Aurelio is seen standing on the site of the new church with the women's workshop in the background on a temporary site.
In the second photo Padre Misael, who is in charge building works in the Diocese, talks to the workers as the rock is carved away.
Two sites have been made available to the Church in this area of 15,000 people. The lower is Holy Family and the upper one Good Samaritan.
Over the hill the Diocese has another mission called Holy Apostles.
All of these missions are run by Padre Aurelio, whose main church, St Mary the Virgin, is two miles away. In each of them there are workshops for women called "Creative Hands".
We thank all those who have enabled this mission to grow as it has and we ask your prayers for all its workers.

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