Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Duck Project is 10 Years Old

The Duck Project is 10 years old.
Almost 100 people gathered today (July 31st) for the closing event of the latest course, a marvellous celebration with thanks, speeches, prayers, and of course the specially prepared duck dishes.
The course lasts three months and covers feeding, reproduction, health and the care of ducks.
The Diocese lends ducks and a drake to each group of women, and during the incubation period of the eggs the participants learn how to rear and care for the ducks.
At the end of the course each woman receives a share of the ducklings - usually between 5 to 10 - in order to begin their own farm, and then the adult ducks are given back ready for the next course.
The last lesson is on cooking duck, and today the plates were really delicious, "among the very best I've tasted".... ceviche de pato (duck), duck in wine, escabeche de pato, duck a la pimienta, jonjoli de pato!
Points are awarded throughout the course and at the end the leading group receives a special prize. In fact everyone receives a prize, which this time was a pair of shoes, and there are no losers.
Before the event began the Bishop and the guests of honour were taken to see one of the duck farms and the ducklings. (See top photo) They also saw rabbits and guinea pigs being raised as the project expands.
In the second photo members of another farm look on as speeches are made. Their dish was "vegetarian".... although there was some duck in it!
In the ten years of the projects existence it has given away over 40,000 ducklings. Its aims are to increase nutrition in families living in poverty; to teach women a skill; to increase the family income by selling ducks and eggs; to raise self-esteem; and to teach women to work in groups.
The project is part of the Church's holistic mission and the Gospel is an integral part of the course and many of the women finding a deepening of their faith as they take part in the classes.

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