Thursday, July 19, 2007

Babies dying of cold - Blanket Appeal

"Babies and children are dying of cold, sleeping on sand without blankets."
This is what Dr Jesus Urbina revealed about the community in which he works in northern Lima. Time and again he was being called by desperate parents to attend to their sick children. And for the adults too, many of whom are handicapped, the situation was no better.
An immediate appeal for blankets was made and there came an immediate response from St Mark's Cathedral in Minneapolis. Blankets were bought and distributed among the people. Prayers were offered and thanks expressed to God for their response of love.

The remarkable photo shows some of the women and children on the evening the blankets were given out, with the figure of the suffering, crucified Christ behind them.

The appeal continues as we seek to (i) build up a stock of blankets in the Diocese to enable us to provide an immediate response whenever needed; (ii) provide mattresses which will give protection against the damp and cold of the sand.

Blankets and mattresses costs $10 or £5 each.

If you would like to send donations, contact:
Susan Kerr (USA) - tel. 972 618 0222;
Patrick Mackie (UK) - tel. 01949 20519;
Margaret Rutter (UK) - tel. 01905 20537

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