Thursday, June 21, 2007

St Patrick's "Thank You" for food

Women of St Patrick's Mission in northern Lima prepare food provided by St Margaret's Church in Charlotte, North Carolina.
They are happy that now they have a regular gift for food, thanks to the generosity of their brothers and sisters in the north.
The poster behind them says it all: "St Patrick's Mission thanks the Parish of St Margaret for helping the children" and the smile on their faces.
This is one of our poorest missions where the people live in the cold, damp sand, just a few hundred yards away from the Pacific Ocean.
It's no tropical paradise and every week bronchitis claims the lives of under-nourished children who sleep on the sand with no matress.
The Anglican Diocese is committed to working here to bring the love of God and practical assistance... food, medicine, care, and God's word and sacraments.

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