Saturday, June 16, 2007

San Pedro building work continues

Building work continues on the hillside above San Pedro Mission Church. Classrooms are being constructed for the next phase of the mission work which will include a programme for fifty mothers and babies in this area of extreme poverty.
The programme is being directed by the Rev Misael Varillas in conjunction with Compassion International.
In the photo you can see the roof of the mission church on the right, the new kitchen which is painted a creamy yellow at the back, and the new class and meeting rooms that are being built.
Our aim is for the new programme to be working by September.
The San Pedro Mission (St Peter's Mission) began several years ago in a temporary church made of wicker panels. It is now a thriving community which reaches out to the families round about and their children. (See earlier article published below.)
Our sincere thanks to our supporters and donors for their prayers and practical support.

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