Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Attack on priest and his family - the Bishop writes

Dear Friends,
It is with sadness but in the firmest faith in our Lord Jesus Christ that I write to you about the venemous and diabolical series of articles that was published on the internet yesterday against the Rev Juan Carlos Revilla, his wife Deacon Maria, and their family in Arequipa. It is an unprovoked and evil attack, written in cowardly anonimity, that sets out to wound them as a family, to stain their good name and to damage their ministry.
The Rev Juan Carlos is an excellent priest who has a flourishing ministry, in which he is fully supported by his wife, the newly ordained deacon Maria, and as their bishop and pastor I hold them in the highest regard and give them my complete backing. What has been said about them in these articles is simply not true.
I am writing so that you may know that as a diocesan family - bishop, clergy and people - we hold Juan Carlos and Maria, their sons Jasmany, Cristian and Jean Carlo, and their wider family in our fondest love and prayers; that we stand in total solidarity with them; and that we reject absolutely these things that have been said about them and the Anglican Church. We denounce the person or persons that have come against them in this unchristian way and pray for the Lord’s guidance, mercy and protection. We ask for your prayers too, that the Revillas and the Diocese may grow through this experience and give even greater glory to God in the days to come.
With my prayers and blessing,
+William Godfrey
Bishop of Peru

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