Sunday, May 06, 2007

Reception of Priest and "charismatic" Church Planter

Fr Jesus Urbina was received with his wife Angela and son Sebastian into the Anglican Communion during the Eucharist on Saturday 5th May.
Fr Jesus is a medical doctor who resigned his orders in the Roman Catholic Church several years ago. He is now in charge of the Medical Mission of the Diocese and is organising clinics and medical services in the shanty towns (Pueblos Jovenes) of Lima.
As well as his medical work he has already planted two new missions in the north of Lima, one called St Patrick's, after Fr Urbina was so moved by the history of Anglicanism's Celtic forebears. His infectious smile, enthusiastic spirit and passion for serving the poor in Jesus' name, make him an excellent church planter. St Patrick's Mission is based in an area that has been populated by a "housing cooperative" of handicapped people in Ventanilla, Callao.

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