Saturday, May 26, 2007

Carrot Cake and Hairdressing

Over thirty women have enrolled for the workshops "Manos que crean" (Creative Hands) in the Holy Family Mission in Villa Maria de Triunfo, and on Thursday (May 24) they were learning to make carrot cake and chocolates. The workshop, which started three weeks ago, is led by Gloria from St Mary's Mission and meets three afternoons a week. Each woman paid an enrollment fee of 40 cents (25p) and their fund, from the sale of their work, now stands at $65 (£30).
The workshop operates in a shelter made of wicker sheets. It is also used as a medical centre when the diocesan doctors visit the area, a hairdressing salon, and the church on Sundays, a truly holistic mission enterprise.
The Holy Family Mission began just before Christmas 2006 and is now a flourishing community lead by Padre Aurelio Rodriguez. They have two sites amidst a population of approximately 15,000 people. It is an area of extreme poverty which has had no running water or sewage system for over 15 years. Work will begin soon on both the church and the Good Samaritan Centre, which will house a clinic and children's centre as well as the workshops.
Gloria, who is the director of the workshop, also began a shoe making project in St Mary's Church. It is hoped that a grant will be found to enable her magnificent work to continue and reach out to more women.

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