Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Derwent Hockey Club colours in South America

The Bishop recently celebrated his birthday and among his presents was a very special gift indeed from England - his old hockey colours.
He played for Derwent Hockey Club for over fifteen years as a winger and centre forward and it was an emotional moment to put on the "magenta and navy blue halves" again for his morning run round the park.
Maybe the shirt had changed a bit.... now more a maroon than magenta, short sleeved (obviously for tropical use), and with advertising sponsorship names! And the badge had changed too.... no longer the "rampant trout" of the Derwent River, but rather a shield and the club's year of foundation 1897!
Thanks to all who got it out to Peru for me. A really brilliant present.

[PS There is no truth in the rumour that the Bishop will be playing for the Amazon Hockey Club - with its "rampant piranha" badge.]

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