Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Childrens' Home Quilts

The young people of our Holy Family Children's Home in Arequipa have been receiving lessons in using their new sewing machine. Their first product is a quilt, made up of patterned squares with the symbols of different saints.
Each of the young people received lessons from Sherry Schwarz, a member of the "Roof Dogs" group, who recently spent two weeks in Arequipa.
The youngsters quickly learnt basic skills and were soon working on skirts and other items of clothing.
[The "Roof Dogs" are a group of people from Plano dedicated to helping the children and young people of our Homes in Arequipa. Their name is taken from the watch dogs which live on the roofs of many houses in Peru, guarding and "watching out" for the family.
Sherry Schwarz - top left in photo - raises funds for different projects of the Diocese, especially of the Children's Homes.]

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