Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Breakfast and Building Work at San Pedro

Claudia gathers children from the area around San Pedro Church (Lima) for breakfast. Today it's a birthday and there's a chocolate cake. While they all gather round to sing "happy birthday" and receive their piece of cake, the workmen continue to lay the foundations of new classrooms.
San Pedro is to be the site of the new Compassion International project for mothers and children under three years of age. It will begin with fifty mothers and has been chosen because of the excellent project run by the Rev Misael Varillas in his other church, Cristo Redentor, further down the hill.
The site for the church and project was given by the local mayor and the space has been literally carved out of the rocky slope, as can be seen in the photo. The building behind the workmen is the project's kitchen, now functioning.
The children in the other photo are having their breakfast in the patio in front of the church, seen with the open doors.

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