Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ordinations in Lima

Two priests and two deacons were ordained in our Cathedral of the Good Shepherd on the Feast of Christ the King, November 26.
Allen Hill and Aurelio Rodriguez were ordained as priests, and Justo Maqque and Patricia Blanchard as deacons.
Bus loads of supporters came from several of our missions, as well as from our St Matthew's School. Pat was supported by her friend Helen from England as well as many from her church, among them the music group which provided sparkling Andean music in the liturgy; Justo by his wife Cornelia, his daughters and friends from Arequipa; Allen by his parents Jim and Harriet from the USA, as well as by his wife Rachel and boys James and John; and Aurelio was supported by his brother and sister from Huaral, as well as the Lady Mayoress from Villa Maria del Triunfo and a crowd of his people. But we all supported and prayed for each other and felt the marvellous presence of God. The sight of almost 30 seminarians entering the Cathedral in their white albs was like a sign of the future and God's promises being fulfilled, and I could imagine them in years to come carrying the Gospel message to different corners of this beautiful land.
Allen Hill is the Director of the Seminary and Aurelio Rodriguez is the mission priest in the St Mary the Virgin Mission. Pat Blanchard is the Deacon in Charge of the Jesus the Nazarene Mission, Lima, and Justo Maqque is the Assistant Deacon in St Luke's, Arequipa.

[Photo from left to right: Allen Hill, Rachel Hill, the Bishop, Marco Gomez, Aurelio Rodriguez, Anderson Sanchez and Justo Maqque. I don't know what happened to Pat in this photo, but she was there!]

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