Thursday, September 14, 2006

Partner Churches: San Lucas Arequipa - St Luke's Denison

The San Lucas Mission in Arequipa is hoping to create a link with a partner church in the USA - St Luke's Church, Denison, Texas. The proposal has been made and both churches will be looking at what it will mean and the commitment they are making in the coming months.
Both churches have schools, both are committed to mission and both share the name of the Evangelist, St Luke. They have much to learn from each other and much to share.
The Rector of St Luke's is the Rev Curt Norman and he is keen to bring a mission team from Denison to visit San Lucas in 2007. The interim priest in charge of San Lucas will be the Rev Juan Carlos Revilla, who will be taking over following the deployment of the Rev Alejandro Mesco to the mission in Cabanaconde.
Parish to Parish relationships are an important means of encouraging the mission and growth of churches and the Diocese is keen to develop such links for all its congregations.

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