Thursday, September 07, 2006

Ordination Vows and Blessing of Holy Oil

Deacons and priests of Lima renewed their ordination vows in the Bishop's Chapel during Eastertide. (This is a late report!) On the photo are priests Juan Bernardo Marentes, Misael Varillas, Juan Carlos Marces; deacons Norma Carrasco, Aurelio Rodriguez, Rachel and Allen Hill; and priests John Park, Julio Montoya, Luis Villalobos and Jaime Siancas. The Bishop is in the centre.
During the Eucharist the Bishop blessed the Holy Oils of the sick, of catechumens and of chrism. Prayer for the sick with holy anointing, according to the teaching in the Letter of St James, is normal in the Diocese and we have seen many people healed by God's grace.

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