Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Baptism of Revs. Julio y Norma Montoya's Grandson

Julito, the son of Julio and Rita, and the eldest grandson of the Revs. Julio and Norma Montoya, was baptised in the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd in May. It was a very special occasion with all the family present. Lucas, Julito's cousin, was the Bishop's server and his grandfather Julio assisted.

The only member of the family who was unable to be there was Angelo, who lives in Italy. So a special greeting to him....

Un saludo muy especial para ti, Angelo, en Italia, y un gran abrazo de toda tu famila y amigos aquí en el Perú. Te queremos mucho y te extrañamos. Que nuestro Dios te bendiga y te guarde con su gracia y amor. Obispo William

Angelo is a member of the Anglican Church in Florence and the Diocese of Peru's "Youth Ambassador" in Italy.

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