Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Alms Houses in Lima?

The Diocese has been asked to consider building a centre for "senior citizens" on a piece of land in La Tablada, a middle class area of Villa Maria de Triunfo. It is a big area of approximately 3,000m2 and initial thoughts are centred round an old fashioned "alms house" principle. It would also include occupational workshops, a chapel, community center and vegetable garden, and provide housing for local people as well as retired clergy.
Building small, individual houses around a central court yard would have the advantage of a rolling development, and would not involve a large initial investment.
While projects centred on children remain a priority, there is an ongoing need of provision for the elderly in supervised accomodation, and the move would have the full support of the local municipal authority.
The Bishop is due to meet with the Mayor and Local Councillors on Friday 15th September to discuss the proposal.

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