Saturday, February 04, 2006

New Seminary's First Meeting

An introductory meeting for potential students and seminarians was held in the Cathedral today, February 4, and over 42 men and women from the parishes and missions of Lima came along. The meeting was conducted by the Bishop and the Rev Allen Hill, Rector of the Seminary.
The new seminary in Lima is the second in the Diocese and for the first time students will have the possibility of gaining a bachelors degree in theology as one of the course options.
The seminary's aim is to prepare men and women for ordained and lay ministry in the Diocese, which has a strong commitment to mission. In his opening address the Bishop spoke of the Diocesan vision in the context of vocation and discipleship and said that the seminary's chief purpose was to prepare servants to lead dynamic parishes and plant new churches.
Deacon Allen Hill explained how the seminary would run and gave details of courses and matriculation. Entrance to the seminary is only for students who have the support of their parish and the approval of the Episcopal Ministry Commission.
The Seminary is dedicated to the Saints Augustine - St Augustine of Hippo, one of the great theologians of the Church, and St Augustine of Canterbury, one of the great missionaries who helped establish the mother church of the Anglican Communion. From them the Seminary receives its twin inspiration - theology and mission.

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